About us


Date of registration: the year 1997
Enterprise code: 111597149
Share capital: 231 700 EUR
Number of Employees: 20
Managing Director: Mr Vaidas Ragaišis, EMBA


The member of Lithuanian Waterworks Association since 10th of March 1998. Certificate number No. 57
INDUSTEK UAB sells high-tech products and solutions helping customers to improve their own products as well as streamline their own production processes. Our employees share a true entrepreneurial spirit, technical excellence and a strong customer focus
Industek successfully operates in Lithuania market over 20 years. We offer only first-class products from the best Europe producers to our clients. Industek represents over 20 company manufactures, which are leaders in their markets and reaching to expand the business, also choosing partners distributors, having technical knowledge, financial and material resources, helping to come true profitable mutual purposes and reach maximal satisfaction of common clients.
Professional decisions, high quality of employees and work experience didn't disappoint those clients, who had chosen INDUSTEK as the responsible partner, making the success of the business.

INDUSTEK products and business areas:

  • Water, wastewater, industry - valves, pumps, fittings,  manhole covers
  • Heating - heat pumps
  • Air conditioning
  • Drinking water solution,  bottle filling stations, coolers & fountains

Goal-oriented sales operations, individual responsibility for results and high standards of customer service are some of the features that help us stand out from the competition.

INDUSTEK advantages:

  • We have a highly skilled sales force
  • We are a strategic and reliable partner
  • We keep a close relationship with our partners
  • We offer products with the outstanding quality only
  • We supply advanced products and technical expertise
  • Using efficiently local warehousing and precise logistical planning we ensure products are available when customers need them.
  • We believe that our Partner Company and we keep to the same view and Partnership is the way to success